Chamfer collar HT 800 WP

The simple solution for perfectly chamfered holes The new chamfer collar extends the application possibilities for Guhring‘s HT 800 WP interchangeable insert drilling system for the production of holes and perfectly chamfered hole entries in one machining step. It is available for all holder sizes in the diameter range from 14 to 25 mm. In […]

Single fluted gun drill EB800 with carbide insert

EB800 – Gun drill system with interchangeable carbide insert As special solution now available up to 52.0 mm Ø Inserts and supporting strips in 1/10 diameters as standard, in 1/100 diameters as special tools with fixed additional charges Guhring single-fluted gun drills with interchangeable inserts and supporting strips are also produced as special tools according […]

Tool Materials PCD and CBN

It is not only the extreme hardness of superhard tool materials but also their high heat-resistance which enables highest cutting rates and increased productivity. One disadvantage is however their low toughness. Economical application is only possible on extremely rigid machines and for a specific range of application. Guhring description Classification Range of application, characteristics Average […]

Interchangeable Drilling System HT800WP

With the new Carbide Insert, HT 800 WP interchangeable drilling system Guhring provides high-performance and cost-efficient holders for holes in the diameter range from 11.00 to 40.0 mm. Extended tool life Thanks to special, micro-machined cutting edges and the application oriented surface finish the interchangeable carbide inserts of the HT 800 WP drilling system are […]

Tools with indexable inserts

Two easy solutions for fine adjustment of insert seating Fine adjustment via sliding wedge (SKV) The sliding wedge adjustment enables the realisation of close stepped tools for finishing operations. A particular advantage is the simple adjustment possibility of the indexable inserts for the adjustment range 0.05 mm and with only one adjustment element type for […]

Holder HT800WP

Interchangeable Carbide Inserts and Holders

HT 800 WP Interchangeable Carbide Inserts HT 800 WP interchangeable inserts are in respect of tool material, geometry and surface finish perfectly adapted to your specific range of application. Subsequently, you will always achieve optimal machining results with maximum performance and highest economic efficiency. The insert change with HT 800 WP can be performed in […]

Interchangeable Carbide Insert Drilling System HT 800 WP

Interchangeable Carbide Insert Drilling System HT 800 WP Guhring’s interchangeable carbide insert drilling system HT 800 WP with new geometries for carbide inserts and holders is celebrating its premiere in Milan providing new possi-bilities for efficient drilling operations in the diameter range between 11 and 40.00 mm. Guhring’s interchangeable carbide insert drilling system HT 800 […]